Sharptech Company provides a complete range of pre-defined packaged services to assist the community channels sell services in an efficient and in a speedy way. We work on delivering these website development packaged services to the customer on the basis of fixed price which is obviously an advantage for the customer and is devoid of any kind of risk of overrunning of the project.

We work on creating a solid foundation of the database along with a collection of packaged website development service which is performed by professional experts. With the association of our experts and the customer’s staff, we work on establishing a maintainable architecture ensuring high performances and availability and it also promises to safeguard the data of the customer.

Our expert team works on augmenting the DBA staff of the customer on both permanent and temporary basis. The packaged services of our company come with a well defined structure with an affordable range of price and are also executed within the stipulated time applying the predictable mode. The contract with our company ends with the effective transfer of knowledge by enabling the staff of the customer to posses and maintains the services.

Our renowned packaged website development service services include:

  • Health Check of architecture – It checks if the original architecture of the database is lagging behind the current requirements and growth of the customer’s company.

  • Remote DBA – It assists the customer to save on the costs of database administration without any negotiation.

  • Highly accessible setup - Using renowned suite we help to keep the data accessible under every possible condition.

  • Postgres enterprise database by monitoring the setup – We assist in protecting the data availability of the customer and the performance of the database around the clock.

  • Maintenance - A periodical check-up is done by our company staffs to keep up with the pace of changes in the PostgreSQL infrastructure.

  • Upgradation service of Postgres version- Important safety measures and performance upgrading releases are installed by our experts.

Our company is designed mainly to focus on addressing basic techniques of delivery which can be connected with the quotations of the product of the company. Our packaged website development service facilitates a delivery method which is repeatable and can be easily upgraded over various supplementary modules.