What Is SEO In Digital Marketing

What Is SEO In Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is vital for your website, and you must have heard this statement quite often. However, what does SEO mean? How do you ensure that you are following “good” SEO tactics?
Well, the subject is indeed quite complex and multifaceted. SEO is made up of several elements. Hence, it is essential to have a solid grasp over each of the details. When you appoint a renowned Seo Agency, it knows the tricks of making a website more visible and profitable.
Does SEO means keyword?
Well, the answer would have been “Yes” if you had asked it a decade earlier.
As they say, “times change.” Today, a keyword is not the only thing that defines your SEO strategy today. It is still an essential thing, though.
Keywords are phrases and words that prospective customers use to find out something online, and brands use them to connect with potential customers.
Types of keywords are:
1. Short-tail keywords
2. Long-tail keywords
3. Local keywords
What should you do to take the maximum benefit of your keywords? You must optimize them in On-Page SEO elements, URLs, and Titles. A keyword has to be chosen carefully, and it has to be used judicially. Not only that, it has to be well-researched as well. Then only your keyword rich content becomes effective.
Search Engine Optimization – How does it work?
Search Engine is a software that crawls through the webpage content. It doesn’t have the intelligence to understand the content like a human.
It is driven by text to perform the following activities:

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Defining the course of action
  • Measuring pertinence
  • Recovering

Factors that build up a quality score of your webpage are:

  • Website name and URL
  • Meta tags
  • Characteristics of the link
  • Page content
  • Page design
  • Usability and accessibility

The web searching cycle, Let’s understand the activities performed by the search engine.
The Crawler or Spider software of the search engine crawls through the content of webpages. It doesn’t have the intelligence to know about the newly added pages or pages that have modified their content. Also, it can’t crawl images, directories, JavaScript, Password protected pages, and so on. Hence, the best way is to use the maximum keywords on the website. Whatever is invisible for a crawler can’t be indexed or processed. Thus, it’s hidden for a search engine.
Indexing means storing the indexed pages into a massive database after crawling. The purpose of indexing is fast retrieval.
For a search request, the search engine contrasts the phrases with indexed pages and stores in another database. It measures the relevancy of the pages and matches them with indexed keywords.
An algorithm is a logic that takes the search keyword, sorts through the cataloged keywords, and relevant URLs. After that, it estimates the result set and throws back pages that contain keywords given by the user in the URL or body content. On-site, Off-site, and Whole-site algorithms are three variants. Each algorithm focuses on a particular aspect. It is the reason; the same search phrase gives different results in different search engines.
Since the search engines keep on changing strategies, a Seo Company needs sound expertise to adapt to the change.

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