5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 that can affect the Business Manifestation

Technology is a one-way road that tends to progress day by day. In other fields, with the revolutionary progress of technology, brings newer trends every year. Digital marketing is not beyond it. In fact, it adjusts your marketing tactic accordingly. Constant changes are the beauty of technology. So, let’s see, what are the trends in 2019 in the field of digital marketing.

1. Artificial Intelligence
In 2019, Artificial Intelligence has become the most integral part of digital marketing. AI has the capacity to replace human capabilities and to give better results. A lot number of marketers are looking for a digital marketing company that provides AI to boost their business. It accelerates the business market in a short time as well as helps to win the tough competition to be on the top of the digital platform. Artificial Intelligence help in customer segmentation, retargeting, push notifications, click tracking and some other limitless combinations.

2. Chatbots
The message enabling service of AI is called Chatbots. It keeps communicating with the customers, or rather the users all day round. Studies say that using Chatbots can save money at least 8 billion dollars per annum. Also, it is efficient to decrease human resources. In some of the cases, the companies must not hire employees to reply over the chat of the customer’s quarries. Plus, Chatbots give better customer satisfaction.

3. Programmic Advertisement
A lot of firms are found to be shifting in this trend. Quick response, higher conversation, more efficiency, lower consumer acquisition costs move the potential firms to choose the latest trend Programmic Advertisement. It changes the digital advertisement at a fast pace. Therefore, if you met a digital marketing agency that is ready to offer you this trendy strategy, do not hesitate to say yes.

4. Video Marketing
As they say- & quote ‘A picture is worth a thousand word’, and so is a video. People have little time in this fast-paced lifestyle. They have no time to read long texts like blogs or articles. Video marketing is one of the trendiest strategies for this era. Live videos, vlogging (video blogging), in-stream video ads, campaign videos are the best way to grow business by enhancing communication. The current trend of video marketing is 1:1 contact. You must contact a social media marketing company that is very much up-to-date and efficient in giving this type of contemporary facility.

5. Social Messaging Apps
It has been proven that social media is the best place to grab the attention of a massive number of people in a short time. Therefore, social media apps are the best way to meet more people every day. Messaging Apps get more traffic by sending auto-generating advertising messages to prospective customers through social media platforms.

Bottom Line:
This digital marketing year is looking forward to the upgraded version of the technology and their right application to the business and marketing. A lot of positive changes has already taken place regarding business development strategies. However, a lot of schemes ended both their popularity and functionality. Well, the list of popular tools and
strategy will be increased soon. We must accept them according to our business need.

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