With the huge upsurge in traffic levels to a website keeping track of your web visitors has assumed enormous proportions. It is critical to know all relevant data pertaining to visitors to your website. With brilliant services, our Web Analytics Company provides this critical data garnering service for your website all over in Mumbai. We enable you to be provided with KPI (key performance indicators) which will equip you with a whole host of critical data like conversion rates, unique visitors, bounce rates, page views, abandoned sales, low quality traffic etc. Web Analytics in simple terms is the measurement, collection and analysis, as well as treatment of internet data for the motive of comprehending & optimizing your Web presence.

At Sharptech, our team at your disposal possesses the insightful information about analytics and the various means to solution. We suggest requisite actions based completely on information regarding user behavior so that you have a high conversion rate as well as a high return on investment is possible. You can keep a detailed statistics of where the visitors came from, how they located your website, which aspect caused lost sale and what they searched for.

The complete package of Sharptech Web Analytic Services:

Through the Web Analytic Services it is possible to render increasing accessibility of web pages, user behaviour analysis, KPI analysis, improved user experience, navigation and keywords analysis, business intelligence and exit page and lost sale analysis and more.

Every web analytics company in Mumbai would be interested in correctly knowing whether the website is on the correct track of achieving success. The Services presented by Sharptech as a web analytics company in Mumbai gives you the prospect to measure this quickly. We also modify your website in your desired way and the outcome is always productive.

Our web analytics knowledge includes: Customised solutions, focused data, flexible engagement models and tool expertise.

With the power of web analytics at your service you are able to correctly gauge traffic and popularity trends of your web site which could form a very useful tool for your in-house market research needs.