When various computers within an organization are connected to one another this connectivity is called intranet. Similarly, when various computers outside an organization are connected to one another for a specific purpose is called an extranets. Intranet and extranets were designed with the purpose to enable easy sharing of information within workgroups.

A general term has been given to the collection of private computer networks which is the Intranet. Intranet uses network technologies as a medium to smoothen the progress of communication between people or work groups to advance the data sharing ability and the general knowledge base. An associations Intranet network mostly uses the internet but keeps is guarded from others reaching their computers from outside. Extranets are a similar extension that allows controlled group of users within a network.

We understand the importance of intranet and extranets to your business philosophy. They are both critical in today’s fast paced and ever changing commercial environment. We help improve your business efficiency by creating a custom intranet platform that will enhance the following:

Improved Communication & Sharing: Better internal communication, reduction in paper work, improved customer services, work end to corporate systems, document management, publishing, training, sharing of resources and best practices.

Flexible yet Productive: In a similar way we augment your business efficiency by creating a custom extranet platform that will enhance your productivity: A single user interface between you and your business partners with security and reduces your costs, ensures flexible hours for your business staff, improved effective collaboration, sharing news of your product development and integrated supply chain management.

Secure System: The above network systems created by us will help keep your information and plans secure within the comp’any or within your desired business chains. Further the extranets will help in cutting down the need for conference and meetings and will also enable you if you have different partners in different countries and time zones.

Our team only works with the core purpose of being able to design and develop an intranet and extranets system that goes beyond just improving connectivity. Rather our singular purpose is to collaborate and develop a platform that gives your company the edge.