Sharptech is a complete one stop digital agency. We do brand awareness through display campaigns, web and mobile presences, viral advertising and also through interactive mediums like SMS, Search engine marketing, email marketing and many more. We give you opportunities to access a community of paid search experts who will help in campaign setup, build out, research and optimization. We deliver best-in-class solutions for email marketing. Our Email Marketing Company involves using emails to send ads, request business and is also meant for brand awareness.

Every marketer dreams of a successful email marketing system. In order to make it successful, we follow certain basic elements like - serving an individual, give special attention to one’s unique preferences in relation to communication, content, frequency and channel and lastly to deliver them on time. Email marketing has the potential to deliver more open rates compared to other digital marketing platforms, while interaction through the medium can allow business to send traffic to their websites and grow their databases. Our Email Marketing Company helps client to increase sales, reduce costs and improve their market shares with the help of our email marketing campaign.

Email marketing has proven with time that it is one of the most efficient forms of marketing. We offer our email marketing campaigns in two ways.

Managed Email services

Self-managed Email services

In managed email services, we give our clients complete support regarding strategic planning, data management, design and creation of content, delivery and reporting. The effectiveness of each campaign is very closely monitored by our team of experts and accordingly areas of improvements are suggested. In self managed email services, we provide back up and support to the customers who wish to use the software in their homes.

After a comprehensive consultation with you about your present scenario and your future email marketing needs, our experts can help you incorporate your corporate strategy into email campaigns that will help to achieve your ROI goals. With the best delivery in the business, we grow your business with quick and easy tools which helps you earn more and more profit.